About artist simply

artist simply is precisely what it sounds like; simply art. How do artists make their choice of medium? What drives the urge to create, to give life to their art?

artist simply is designed to help artists find a foothold in the community, and encourage a thriving successful career. It also serves to bridge the gap between artists and the people are drawn to their creations. Art should be attainable to anyone and everyone, whether you wish to mold the medium to enjoy the beauty as an observer.

I’ve worked in the art field for forty years, and there is one consistency that never changes. It can be incredibly difficult for an artist to get their foot in the door and establish themselves. It’s even more difficult for the public to meet and have access to their work.

artist simply strives to cultivate relationships between artists, galleries, and venues, and those who seek to enhance their lives with the beauty of their creations.

Meet The Team

Kurt Schmierer is an artist, graphic designer, photographer and lover of all medias TV/Radio/Magazines. Kurt has owned and run an online magazine called Proud Times for 8 years as Graphics Editor, Interviewer and the person who helped set up countless stories and coordinated over a dozen writers coast to coast.  The magazine went from nothing to interviewing George Takei, Cyndi Lauper and backstage with Elton John in a short 8 years.

During the 8 years of Proud Times, Kurt was also the wizard behind the curtain, the brain behind the forehead, and the proud producer of the number one growing show on KYRS. Joining the OUTSpoken crew in their first year, he helped to elevate OUTSpoken to the next level, being key in securing such national guests as Marc Solomon from Freedom to Marry, Ross Murray with GLAAD, and entertainers such as Anjelah Johnson, comedians – Lily Tomlin, Margaret Cho, Bruch Vilanch and Captain Kirk himself William Shatner.  With his extensive 30 year background as an artist/painter, Kurt has turned his talents to media. His experience in marketing and managing different online media outlets through the years have brought him ready to support and grow that amazing talk show.

Reproducing artists’ artwork for over 18 years Kurt has turned his radio show and magazine creative style to helping artists in all medium – painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, writing and acting become the stars they are and connect their talents to the public. The idea of artist simply was a long time, and after years of inquiries and questions, Kurt decided to put practice to practical use.  His experience in the field makes him a great source of knowledge for artists striving for growth and expansion.  


Editor/Voice – Jonathan Shuffield has worked within the media industry for over 20 years. From television to radio, from podcasting to writing for publication and film he has firmly planted his foot in the media world. He has become a bold voice in the realms of entertainment and politics. Queer Centric is a needed and important part of that voice and he is proud to stand at the helm. Always remember, If our voice held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence us, indeed the most powerful weapons any of us have are the breath in our lungs and the stories we possess. Tell your story.


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