Caroline Reynolds

Caroline is a watercolor artist who has always tried to express her love of nature through her art. Growing up in rural Eastern Washington in a creative family, she had the opportunity at an early age to use her mother’s oil paints and brushes. This set in motion a love of trying to interpret the unique natural beauty of The Pacific Northwest.

In 2014, after retiring from her full-time business job, she set out to spend more time painting. Watercolor being her favorite medium, Caroline began drawing and painting scenes from in and around Spokane to bring attention to the natural beauty of the Spokane River, birds foraging for berries at Manito, beloved buildings with their old graceful trees and other scenes readily found in and around our beautiful city. She also has an abiding love of the lake where she spends much of the spring through fall, Deep Lake. The lake is quiet and peaceful and home to many creatures. Through her paintings, Caroline tries to share these calming scenes with others.

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