Campbell House

Campbell House
Carriage House
Spokane, Washington
Built 1898
Architects: Cutter and Malmgren

The house was built for Amasa B. Campbell and his family. Mr.
Campbell made his fortune in mining exploration. His servants were
indispensable in running the house and lived on the third floor of the
carriage house. Amasa’s wife, Helen, gave the house to the Eastern
Washington State Historical Society. It now operates in conjunction with
the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture.


Landmark historic Campbell House

Experience Spokane in the early 1900s

Learn about the Campbell household and the changes in business, community life, and technology that faced this family, its servants, and its community, circa 1910.

The journey starts in the Campbell House Activity Center located in the Carriage House (ADA accessible). Here you can move at your own pace to explore themes of transportation and house restoration and a wealth of Museum Collection artifacts and documents. 

Learn more about Campbell House.



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